Vadania Aerwen



Vadania Aerwen, Chaotic Good, Elven Divination Wizard.

Vadania serves as an an acolyte at the temple of Oghma, god of knowledge, in Neverwinter. She is obsessed with uncovering historical secrets, believing that sharing this knowledge will allow people to avoid past mistakes an attain a golden age of prosperity. She has spent most of her life relatively sheltered in temple, reading tomes, serving the temple, and learning magic, and is not used to interacting with people outside of that context. She is quite fond of her owl familiar, Whitewing.

Lately, she has been feeling a call to do field work that she believes is the will of Oghma.

Gundren Rockseeker has used Vadania’s services translating ancient texts and interpreting their meanings in his quest to find the Forge of Spells. Knowing that Vadania was wanting to travel, he contacted her to escort a wagon of mining equipment.

Vadania has received a vision that she must restore a shrine to Oghma desecrated by goblins in a place called Cragmaw castle, and that Sister Garaele, a priestess of Tymora, located in Phandelain should be able to aid her in this quest.

Vadania Aerwen

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