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  1. Party has discovered that Gundren Rockseeker and his hired guard, Sildar, were attacked by goblins and taken captive, and notably stole a map from Gundren.
  2. Goblins subsequently attacked the party, who dispatched all but one, named Pakka, who agreed to help the party since they seemed stronger than his old goblin family.
  3. Pakka led the party to the goblin cave, and eventually the group successfully clears the cave.  The following important things happened:

    1. Sildar was rescued, and promised 50gp upon arrival to travel with the group to Phandelain, which the group accepted.

      1. He also notes that he needs to investigate what happened to Iorveth, a mage previously sent to Phandelain to help civilize and bring order to the town on behalf of the Lords (something).
    2. It was discovered that a bugbear was recently installed as the leader, much to the chagrin of the goblins, and the bugbear was tasked by the Black Spider to ambush Gundren and deliver the map to an agent of the Black Spider.
    3. Gundren and the map were indeed delivered to the Black Spider, apparently heading to some place called Cragmaw Castle.
    4. Supplies marked with the symbol of (something), a trading group in Phandelain, were found.  The group decided to load them into the wagon, but has not yet done anything about supplies now that they are in Phandelain.



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